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Social Making: Socially Engaged Practice Now and Next is the second biennial symposium developed and delivered by Take A Part CIC. The aim of the symposium is to bring examples of international socially engaged practices to the South West of the UK, giving the region exposure to a wider network of projects and organisations, and an opportunity to consider a range of methods and their impact.

This provides support and learning for artists, curators, arts organisations, councillors, commissioners, producers, students and academics, ensuring that the region continues to produce and support high-quality, risk-taking and ambitious public arts programmes.  It is also about sharing socially engaged practices in Plymouth and the city’s ambitions outwards, as innovators and risk-takers and as a centre from which projects are tested and grown.

The 2018 symposium will consider social practice and its engagement with identity(s); how art can help communities and audiences reconsider their understandings of, and positions on sexuality, gender, racial, economic, political, social, bodily, historical and geographic identities. We will be exploring how social practice can help us reconsider the notion of community itself. This year we’ll be showcasing the work of cross-disciplinary practitioners; from visual artists, to theatre-makers, to poets.

The symposium is delivered by Take a Part CIC thanks to support from Plymouth Culture and Arts Council England.

Take A Part works to unleash the creative potential of people. We are a socially engaged contemporary art organisation that works with communities to co-commission and co-create contemporary art in order to: risk-take, provoke and engage communities to establish and respond to, as well as set, local agenda and need.

Thursday 7th and Friday 8th June

Held at Devonport Guildhall, home of Real Ideas Organisation, the Arts Council England Bridge organisation for the South West

Tickets: https://helmtickets.com/events/1309/social-making-socially-engaged-art-now-and-next-2018 

Don’t miss the early bird tickets available until 30th March!