Since our last rehearsal, members of KEMS Minimalists have been visiting Paul Maddocks’ recording studio to play their parts for Paul to record. Paul is very patient – some taking longer than others – and he will, once all are completed create, with Julia, several compilations which will then be in a loop in order that the installation can work when the musicians are not present. There will be a good selection of instruments to work with, and, as each live playing is different, should give a good representation of the possibilities.
Julia adds, ‘Recording the tracks was a new experience for me and I am very pleased that most of the players have now recorded their parts so that Paul and I will soon be able to discuss how we are going to work out the recording will work in practice. It will certainly be different from a live performance. I’m also looking at submitting the score to another organisation for publication – more to follow later’.
We are, at present, awaiting confirmation of two possible venues for “Sound Scape” both with a live performance and also the possibility of remaining in situ with the recorded compilations.