(Whiteboard, Pen, Rubber)

Inputting female data into furnace building equations in an attempt to quantify and understand the female experience

Placing myself into the investigative role of the male in order to clinically view the feminine from an outside perspective.

Photography by Anwen Howells


Volume of Ovaries: [Left] 12.03 ml [Right] 10.01 ml

Volume of Uterus: 13.98 ml

Volume of Menstrual Blood: 88 ml

Length of Menstrual Cycle: 28 Days

Length of Fertile Window: 6 Days

Length of Ovulation: 12/24 Hours

Length of Menstruation: 5 Days

Length of Gestation: 280 Days

Length of Fertility: 33/43 Years

Amount of Fertile Eggs Produced in a Lifetime: 300/400

Average Hip Breadth: 370mm


Serpentine arrangement of the migration cycle on one of the earliest found calendars, Bordeaux, Delmas. Demonstrating a clear beginning, end and progression of time using the lunar cycle.

Configuration of medication in the blister packet of the combined pill.

There is such a correlation between the two progressions of time. The quantification of time is the first instance of control and utilisation. The use of contraception brings human control over the biological female rhythms.