I have sent off my Activity Report to the Arts Council. It took a lot longer than I anticipated but it was very usefull for me and helped me to see how the project went and what I can use for next time. I couldn’t sit with it any longer and had to send it off today. I gues one could go on for ever changing small bits of it.

It was challenging to get all the material in order and find a way of passing it on to ACE. In the end I’ve put it all on drop box and shared the folder that consists of a number of further folders, all named, with ACE.

Now I can focus on my Assessment/Presentation. The bar has been set hight by the final year presentations last week. I guess that’s a good thing for who are having their assessment in thirteen days.

I’ve mapped out a structure how I will go about the presentation and now will do the same I did with the ACE report; find a way of presenting it and make it accessable for the receiving end.

I’m actually looking forward to this!!


It’s only seventeen days since GRAIN ended but it feels like months as there was Easter and a trip to Austria in between then and now.

I’ve got a clear head and a good distance from the project and can now focus on the activity report for the Arts Council. I need to evaluate the project anyway to see where it worked and where I can improve next time.

I got 104 very good comments in my comment book, which is very encouraging. It did go very well only that now I’ve got 30 bags of soap shavings in and around my house and I’m not sure yet what I’ll do with them. I’d like to use them in another project and certainly can’t throw them away. In addition there are about 80 soap grains left which I’m still giving out to people who couldn’t make the project. The left over soap bricks I’ll use in more soap carving workshops. The next one is with the BEAVER/Scouts.

I’ll still keep this blog going as I found it a really useful practice to summerise my working day every evening .