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  • Donna Haraway – theorist
  • Supernatural
  • Natural forms becoming natural
  • Haptics
  • Contemporary surrealism
  • Referenced classical painting

I’ve superimposed my drawings onto Abraham Willaerts’ painting, Stormy Sea on Photoshop, because I thought the lack of containers would be interesting, and a scenery of the ocean overthrowing boats with malevolent structures suggests the unknown mass of the tentacles, hidden beneath the sea as horrific. The ocean, tentacles, boats all have psychoanalytic meaning. The structure reminds me of the antagonist from the fictional TV series, Stranger Things. So I can see why Rupi used the word Supernatural to describe the works.

I see the sea and the atmosphere of the scene depicted in the painting as a metaphor for emotions. The glass bottles in previous drawings remind me of the saying, bottling one’s emotions up.




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  • Identify with what it is with the artists you research
  • Reed diffusers
  • Wilt – loses woodiness, not rigid
  • Similar to distorting metal in the last semester
  • Material quality understood as wood
  • Surreal occurrence
  • The one with perfume bottle the most interesting
  • Uncanny
  • What material qualities
  • Strangeness of the work – is the essence of what you’re doing
  • Similar to the concepts mentioned in the curatorial proposal for Models and methods of curatorial practices
  • Looking at the materials of what they look like – forms with materials not domestic
  • Bring other containers in
  • Both – digital and physically
  • Interested in the line
  • Louise Bourgeois – psychoanalytical
  • What is the mass symbolism
  • Isamu Noguchi
  • Eva Hesse
  • Yayoi Kusama
  • Feminism psychoanalytical


I’ve learnt the basics of turning images to bitmaps and separating the colours of images last night, in preparation for screen printing at the SoA. I’ve separated the image I made last semester into cyan, magenta, yellow and black in greyscale. Then made the halftone screen frequency to 30 because I divided the silk screen the SoA uses (120T) by 4 and adjusted the angles of the screen depending on the colour.

I photographed a cast of a hand a few years ago – It’s a test piece for screen printing.

The moiré effect is interesting because it references the grid.

I’ve ordered printmaking materials at Jackson’s Art yesterday, so it should arrive in the next few days, and I can start monoprinting.

The reasoning behind why I’m screen printing is because it utilises my other skills on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. For me it makes sense to combine the skills to make art – I’m researching Andy Warhol’s screen printing techniques in the meantime. It’s interesting that he usually makes prints of desirable symbols of culture, whereas I’m making prints of undesirable symbols such as a skull and face mask.

[After thought: I might start reading on Simulacra and simulation by Baudrillard because I mentioned ‘symbols of culture’.]


I’m designing a book that’s an extension of my practice.

The title is Organic Matter and Decay because the feedback from the self-directed crit the other day was that the drawings referred to reclaimed and found things which says to me that the work has a link to environmental themes. I let the work determine the ‘theme’ of the book rather than imposing one which is something I have learnt in the curatorial practices module.

I looked at Giorgio Morandi’s work. He was an Italian painter and printmaker who was most famous for his still life paintings of bottles and vases found in his studio. He arranged the vases and bottles with considerations of shadows, colours, height and shapes made by the combined items.