• How gender encoded in colour and visual codes
  • Objects in major aspects of the work
  • Metaphor for something or just an object?
  • Genre of still life
  • Not just a technique to expand upon, but also the concept
  • Experiment with scale
  • Michael Craig-Martin
  • Roy Lichtenstein


The publication is completed and sent off to be printed onto hardcover. I’m using Blurb because I have used the company to print books previously, and the quality has been good. The document was done using Indesign because I wanted to use the skills from Luke’s workshop a few months ago. I have a PDF version of it, so I’ll submit that alongside the video of a physical copy as my publication submission.

What the publication taught me was the ethicality of using photographs from other sources found on the internet. It resonates with Carla’s lecture and the research in Practice lecture on ethics.

I’ve included where I found the original sources under the photographs and a bibliography section at the end of the book.


I’ve been planning what to say for the Research in Practice presentation next week. Bringing the artwork, Andromedan Sad Girl close to my own has helped progress my work in terms of the concept behind the drawings. I’ve thought about what’s been discussed in previous tutorials and the research module and wrote the following statement about my work,

‘My work examines our relationships with women and the collective beliefs around motherhood, and how it relates to the body as a source of safety, but also as a site of fears. Louise Bourgeois spoke of her work as dealing with the tumultuous relationship with her mother. Maman (1999) was a giant sculpture of a spider symbolising motherhood as protective and nurturing even though it’s unnerving to stand in front, through its playful usage of common phobias.’

I’ve also been working on my publication, and altered aspects of it because some chapters no longer made sense in the document, etc. I’m confident that the publication would be completed in less than two weeks.