This was the most successful piece in the last semester because the presentation of the print in the frame within the white space worked well as a whole. I prefer to show my work in a clean space because it’s not contaminated with the outside. It’s an interesting connection to make with the subject of the unconscious because the unconscious is thought as something sealed from the outside world, or frozen in time or timeless even.

I’ve been working digitally, on top of my previous drawings that I’ve done before the course. The work, -1 brings in the topic of vanishing points and autobiographic experiences, because the drawing was based on my apartment in Basingstoke, where I lived for a while after my BA Fine Art course at Staffs. Before editing the drawing, it was initially a banal perspective drawing with hints of vanishing points and perspective grids. But then I added the unnatural dimension of tentacles appearing from the doorway, and an eye symbol, which makes the drawing have a surreal quality.

I bought a bathroom mirror today and started tracing the studio in the mirrors reflection as a test piece. The top left hand corner was the most successful in the piece because it was distinguishable to what the tracings were. The chair makes the drawing clear what the subject is.

I used a mirror because it made sense to include the research from Research in Practice and bring it forward to the research I’m doing presently in this semester.