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  • Materialistic sculptures
  • Minimalist
  • MDF – DIY aesthetics
  • Jumped the gun with the concept
  • Actual work a lot to do with chance
  • Abstraction with materials
  • Make more drawings on Illustrator, doesn’t have to be translated into metal
  • Minimalism, conceptualism
  • Urbanisation
  • Art and architecture
  • Psychogeography
  • Eva Rothschild
  • Nikki Pugh


Reflecting on the seminar

I feel slightly inept at explaining on what is actually happening in my work and I spoke about how I hoped the work to be. This ended up being a mismatch of what I was saying with the work I showed the group. Franziska said she saw the pieces of metal as minimalist shapes and the MDF as DIY materials, and it didn’t match up to the concept of the building’s history lost on Google maps. I understand why because the onlooker with no prior information would see it as shapes that doesn’t reference the School of Art. I said the location was important because the text, The function of the studio by Daniel Burens has affected me, and has made me want to create and show work in the same space. From this I think I need to create work and not put too much weight on the concept, and just let that process of infusing the concept with the appearance of the work happen organically through time. I’ll use this as a learning curve to how I talk and write about my work in the future.