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Initially, the idea for a book was very different to the book now. The working concept of the book is the loose associations between objects, labels and diagrams, and the formations of metaphors. I changed the fundamental design because it didn’t feel like it was a description of my practice. Plus I was relying too much on Blurb. It’s a good programme, but it didn’t utilise my skills. I decided I want to use my skills from Luke’s Indesign workshops, and produce a book that has personality, like some of the examples of artists’ publications shown in the previous lectures. I like Ruth Ewan’s Another Time publication because of the digital drawing on the front cover, and the use of monochrome throughout the document. I wanted to take things further by using my own handwriting as the text font. I find that it creates an unedited feel that gives an illusion that it’s the process of how I make artwork.  I also like Ewan’s method of documenting the publication on her website. I’m having a tutorial with Ana next Thursday to discuss how to document something using film as a medium.


At the moment, it appears to be focused on cameras, but I’ll write about bottles, and relate the cameras to bottles because they’re both containers. The bottle is a container for liquid or something more abstract like thoughts and emotions. A camera is a container for photos, but is also a container for memory.