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I showed Karanraj and Suminder (via Microsoft Teams) recent drawings I’ve done on my iPad, and the feedback was to focus on how I want to present the work – on a digital format, or printed, and to consider the size of display. We discussed about projecting the work, which is something I want to try because it’s interesting how the drawing could be projected onto a layered surface. For example it could be projected onto found bottles – the reflectiveness of glass with the projection could be interesting. I think staying at home and making work has set me back in terms of thinking about presenting my work to an audience, because that audience has moved online rather than in person.


We all agreed that the structures coming out of the bottle is similar to Louise Bourgeois’ Maman sculpture. It goes well with the bottle because it symbolises nurture and keeping something contained, perhaps hidden.


The shading in the background vs the white background

I’ve shaded the background in some drawings to make it look like the object isn’t floating in the air, but I like the ones with just the white background because the contrast between the drawing and the background has a more visual impact.