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Today is the start of the module, major project which would culminate in an exhibition. However due to the pandemic, the work is going to be online instead of a physical show in September. We had a long lecture at the School of Art in the afternoon addressing the introduction of the module. Anxiety aside, I have an idea of the topics I want to research in depth. I’ve chosen to make work instead of writing a 10,000 – 12,000 word dissertation because I’ve set out to make work for an exhibition when I started this course, although I felt compelled to write a dissertation because it would help me if I decide to do a PhD in the future.

For the Research in Practice I wrote about using mirrors as a framework, so I’m trying to merge that with what I’ve been looking at in semester one, which was predominantly the unconscious, and create something new to look at. I don’t want to entirely focus on the unconscious because I’m aware that there’s already a lot of research into that area, many of which are perhaps archaic.

After testing the work in semester 2, I find that white spaces work the best with framed pieces. This ties in well with the models and methods module I’ve done in the first semester because of the white cube space vs museum spaces.