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I spent a few hours yesterday evening thinking about what I want to focus on for the major project, and designing a research question that would be appropriate for producing a body of work.

I started by reverse-engineering from the topics my work explores, to find the main focus. Then I drew some information from the research in Practice module, which the question was how do artists use mirrors as frameworks to inform their own practices?

In this research I found out that artists use physical mirrors in their work because:

  1. it’s an illusion of space, which surprisingly connects to the vanishing point
  2. Reflect on the subject
  3. Contemplative purposes

I’ve broadened vanishing point to lines, because lines is important in my work. I’ve worked out that the illusion of space is a commonality between the mirrors and lines because lines are used to create visual depth and mirrors reflect the space.

I came up with a few questions then designed a more realistic one that I can attempt to answer with artworks in this semester.

How can artworks produced using mirrors and lines as methods, be used to reflect autobiographic material?

This is a mixed approach, by making artwork and researching the implications of artists’ biographies in the production of their work.

I already have examples from my previous research. Louise Bourgeois and Yayoi Kusama’s biographies has affected the subject of their work.

I’m going to spend the first half of next week writing the major project proposal.