I graduated in Fine Art in July 2008 , and here I am, documenting my successes, my downfalls, my lack of and surges of motivation.


I'm launching my website on 1st April. For the past year 'make website' has been at the top of my things-to-do list, but has never quite seemed a priority. Until now! Moving to Bristol and calling myself an artist is obviously a push to get my website up and running. so is finally getting a studio space over Christmas.

So I've done it! Or I've nearly done it, just the hard/boring bits to do now. I've been reading through old sketchbooks to find some good descriptions of my work and looking at many other artist sites for website-ideas.

I'm thinking about how to go about using the site as a shop – Either linking through paypal or just having people contact me if they want to buy. maybe the latter is better – more personal? Or do people not care about that?

Seems like i really need to get this right, websites are so important in this age. An online presence.