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adjective….of relatively little significance, and therefore able to be abandoned or destroyed

A mortifying realisation that extra curricula subjects are potentially to be abandoned in September. It came up in my news feed. Outlined in panic. First from the artists. Scared friends feeling threatened. A core subject unrecognised as a core subject. Empathy pouring out to the artist child. Then it came from the parents. Parents of children that saw and felt the impact that the arts had on them. Finally through pedagogy. Teachers, Lecturers and Arts practitioners that have testified the strength of the arts when in collaboration with all academic subjects and the invaluable benefits in well-being. The panic is real and justified.

one job for me comes to an end this month. My role is to engage young people with the arts. it has beed incredibly rewarding. witnessing individual growth in confidence, in friendships, opening worlds and portals to industries, careers, and experiences that may never have been.

My hours as a sculpture lecture have been cut in half. I am not alone in this jobless world where the arts are now Expendable, at a time where they have never been more important.

when i heard the news about my reduced hours, i found myself at my dinning table. its pushed tight in the corner. the cat has destroyed the chairs. the cushioning spills out from the fake leather cover. they are not comfortable to sit on. and i wondered when the last time we found our selfs around the table for dinner. It was last Christmas day.

it now has become a surface to catch everything that cant be held at once. It holds my cycling helmet. the fan for turbo, the home school arts and craft, the overflow of tined food that wont fit in the cupboards, pasta that should last for ever, polish, cast wax, plaster, passed ideas, fabric freshener and my clay baby. And then there is my foot, that creeps in the very edge. the photo doesn’t take its self, and i am very much part of it.