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7 live performances to camera …


within a certain time frame, and within a specific frame of space, new movement emerges…

ways to love..

light grips my hands and I roll it around like clay…Like promises, like water perhaps…

my tendons, in a dance , in a message, hold the weight of balance and trust, but for who?

I push a stone, very slowly, to the edge of the surface and let it fall.

I hold an egg behind my back, and roll and slide to the edge of my fingers , tempting and teasing.

I pass a stick slowly down the length of my spine, and through this I see how far I can travel.

My hands pull and twist within a wire cage. Where to go next.

I take charcoal from the beach, and my fingers surround it like a clam shell, each movement creates a black dust shadow drawing on my hand …


exchange/encounter/acts of resistance/