Start SH 755 079, 84 x 124 cm.

Since returning home from Stiwdio Maelor I have continued with work started during my residency.

The piece above I have called ‘Start SH 755 079’ and refers to a walk made early on during my time, it is the folded up piece posted previously.

After the walk the drawing process began with developing a way to relate points walked to the OS map, scaling up the area and working out how to place footsteps, creating a system/instructions for plotting them. In yellow and green the path tracings that I made on the walk are used to mark footstep points, representing the path ahead.

Details of Start SH 755 079

Key within the drawing process are the layers that accumulated within the drawing, multiple outlines generated through attempted plotting’s and possibilities of plotting. Led by the instructions developed, the OS map, along with my experience. Thinking about how someone else might approach, or deduce something different could be interesting to explore. The work I hope reflects a landscape mapping, perhaps a path to follow, but also displays the conceptual journey in physically thinking through, pinpointing, erasing, decision making, to construct the area on the tracing paper. Development of this process and continuing to explore layers within the work is something that I hope to expand on. The possibility of multiple walks coming together within a space and how this could be negotiated is another idea I’m considering. Asking myself about the importance of the initial site within the work vs the abstraction of this information and what this produces.

An interesting book, although I’m only on the first chapter, Mapping Spaces: Networks of Knowledge in 17th Century Landscape Painting, edited together by Ulrike Gehring and Peter Weibel is providing some interesting ideas on how artists approached and brought together Dutch and Flemish landscape paintings with cartography. I’m hoping through reading to learn more of the relationship between artist and cartographer, along with strategies explored, and ideas communicated through these works.