Erygmascope is a new collaboration between Tracy Hill, artist, Ralph Hoyte, poet and writer, and Phill Phelps, musician, coder and audio-engineer.  Commissioned by Lancashire Wildlife Trust, Carbon Landscape and City of Trees this project is an artist response to the covid-19 pandemic and restrictions on visiting our wetland landscapes.

The title is taken from the name of a late 19th-century piece of apparatus designed for the examination of the strata of earth. The curiosity of looking beyond the surface and providing a view unseen has grown out of on-going discussions between the artists (Hill, Hoyte, Phelps) over the last two years whilst working on Stratum. Erygmascope offers a 15sec-long weekly snapshot of Hill, Hoyte and Phelps considered sonic and visual responses to ‘landscape’, and especially to liminal wetland environments.

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