Running Studio 75 is not just about offering ourselves and our friends good exhibition opportunities in London. Of course it is that; it’s a great space that lends itself to quite a wide variety of shows and also perfect for intimate screenings followed by fascinating discussions. It’s all that. But if it was just that, it would not be enough. There are other places like that all around us. It’s also go to be a lab, a space to try stuff. Make, remake, rip it up and go again.

We’re having a summer break from exhibiting, and work continues apace in the studio. In the autumn we have some photography based events for Photomonth, a solo shows by printmaker Jonathan Comerford and then we’re going to go a bit “radical.” What’s that going to be? We don’t want to specify yet, cos we are working out the details.

What we are about, after all, is “reinvigorating the idea of the artist run space” or artist run project. We’re trying to work out how artists can be autonomous, and benefit from the flux in the world around us.