For the London exhibition of Prospero’s Library, the artists involved included:


Les Bicknell, Tracey Tofield, Theresa Easton, Nicholas Wright, Annabelle Moreau, Evelina Schatz, Mikhail Pogarsky, Evgeny Strelkov, Nazir Tanbouli, The Point and Place Collective (Julie Brixey-Williams, Camilla Brueton, Simon Kennedy, Theron U. Schmidt, Rajni Shah, Caroline Younger).


Cityscapes 2 folding books in cases – Nicholas Wright

Sons of the Sea project:

January – éilis Kirby / Irina Prestnetsova
February – Hazel Grainger / Alexej Parygin

March – Guy Begbie / Konstantin Kalendarev

April – Paul Laidler / Alexandr Lavrentiev

May – Cath Fairgreave / Dmitry Babenko

June – Sarah Bodman / Grigory Katsnelson

July – Danny Flynn / Alexej Konoplev

August – Natalie McGrorty / Svetlana Koroleva

September – Angie Butler / Mikhail Pogarsky

October – Andrew Eason / Konstantin Sutiagin

November – Stephen Fowler / Ekaterina Lavrentieva

December – Malcolm Turner /Dmitry Sayenko

Book installations:

book with wings by Gillian McIver (reconfigured prayer book)

narratology by Gillian McIver (books, plant)

concertina book installation by Nazir Tanbouli

Digital Books / Video:

The Book of Light and Motion by Jessica Kolokol

Moments in the Transference of Knowledge by Gillian McIver and Nazir Tanbouli

Zat by Nazir Tanbouli

Video shot by Gillian McIver and edited by Nazir Tanbouli with music by Omar Zayed.


Holidays. Grrrrr.

Most of London pretty much emptied out the past 2 weeks, aside from the bit around Westminster where the RW took place. A pity really, because Studio 75 mounted Prospero’s Library, quite an exceptional show of book art. However those who did come – whether writers or visual artists – unanimously said they were deeply inspired; some even said the show “sorted out” some ideas and problems they were having with developing some projects. That’s what we aim for – real engagement!

We’re going to run more book projects later this year.

Mikhail Pogarsky sold one of the books from Prospero’s Library to the Tate; it would be nice if more will follow ;-)



The show is [at last] set up. Book art really is special; there’s nothing like it. Having Misha Pogarsky around, with his amazing, truly AMAZING book art works is humbling, enlightening and inspiring. He’ll be at Bristol book fair this weeknd as well so if you are there, hope you see him!

However, some works that were sent by courier (a courier that has a name consisting of 3 non-vowel letters) has proved to be an awful experience. Despite our extreme care in haivng the premises staffed at ALL times they did not bother to deliver TWO shipments of books. We know they didnt bother to come since they didnt leave a card. In any case we could not have missed them, somebody is always here. And now its holiday weekend and after that it’s too late. Disgusting. ONE is too many, TWO is shocking.

Live and learn.


The visa is obtained, the new plane ticket bought and Misha will arrive from Moscow to London in the morning. It will be the first time we’ve worked together in person since a residency project in Kronstadt 2003 – 2004.

Setting up will have to be quick but as our space is not large and it’s pretty well organised, hopefuly not painful.

But will anyone be left in east London, between fleeing the city (everyone I know) and hanging out at Buck Palace (seems everyone else)??

Let’s not waste time thinking about it. The show – drum roll – goes on.

Anyway the books we’ve received for the show are beautiful, really brilliant art works. Some great book artists in this country.

– pics from the show to be posted anon –


The book art project has to be postponed by a day as the Russian curator Misha Pogarsky, had his visa delayed due to Easter holidays People often don’t know this but embassies take the holidays of the country they belong to not the host country. SO it’s not Russian Easter but the British embassy in Russia is closed. I have been caught out by this myself at the Russian embassy. Sigh.

So we open Friday afternoon instead of Thursday evening. Vying with the the royal wedding. Sigh – again.

Anyway I’ll leave you with a treat – Nazir’s new animation, ZAT.

narrative drawing. Made from hand made ink drawings, scanned and animated. By Nazir Tanbouli 2011