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The show is [at last] set up. Book art really is special; there’s nothing like it. Having Misha Pogarsky around, with his amazing, truly AMAZING book art works is humbling, enlightening and inspiring. He’ll be at Bristol book fair this weeknd as well so if you are there, hope you see him!

However, some works that were sent by courier (a courier that has a name consisting of 3 non-vowel letters) has proved to be an awful experience. Despite our extreme care in haivng the premises staffed at ALL times they did not bother to deliver TWO shipments of books. We know they didnt bother to come since they didnt leave a card. In any case we could not have missed them, somebody is always here. And now its holiday weekend and after that it’s too late. Disgusting. ONE is too many, TWO is shocking.

Live and learn.