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Studio-Intensive 11

A time of consolidation and deep thinking whilst simultaneously planning Tenuto, a collaborative performance event with Ed McKeon who presents Tacet at Birmingham School of Art. I don’t normally ask people to participate in my work and I feel a little anxious, especially when I am asking them to perform with an audience and without rehearsal. The last time I asked for input was to ask for women’s stories for Encountering/It is as it was, a project that is still ongoing. I realize that I hate the act of asking. So we have just got to plan how to set up the documentation although we do have someone filming it.

I have begun the PhD Take Over at Birmingham School of Art. It is a mix of events and workshops exploring different aspects of their research. I am using the space to explore the physical, social and cultural facets of Birmingham at the intersection of philosophy. each day I attend, I am making three small photographs called modes of production, modes of exchange and so forth into the unknown. Yesterday’s images were taken from the train but in Birmingham. Listened to a sound installation and got very jealous of the amount of equipment. I have been trying to acquire a hydrophone for two years and am now trying to make one. It takes me some time as I need to find the courage to begin even though I have the components. Me, someone who leaps in feet first into the most stupid situations and physical environments, am scared of a soldering iron and making mistakes! But the time will come when I feel comfortable.

As part of my personal professional development plan to increase my visual research, I went to the RCA’s performances at Catherine Gardens Chapel in Peckham. A wonderful venue with flaking plaster walls and high roof which were perfect for the performers. I didn’t understand what they were all about but enjoyed the experience and respected the time the students had put into their ideas. Then to Crisap, the sound group from LCC. Another great venue at Iklectik in, Lambeth, I think. Again, wide-ranging performances both live and recorded sound that contributed to a great learning experience. Both these events, combined with Birmingham’s, have served to create a greater understanding of how the more eclectic areas of fine art are presented.