Work from the Posture series has left the studio building, its on show – which means its finished, complete. Any sense of satisfaction doesn’t immediately follow, rather the debrief, the autopsy, the learning curve, lessons to be reflected upon. It takes time to make sense of exhibition, the work that is on show, the work that was left out, the work that remains in the studio itching to get out which needs attention now. Getting the work out into the world feels good, for when artwork reaches audience, its special and kind of final. It’s also hard work, distinct from the making of the work is the detail of presenting, something that any artist will be will familiar with.

It was a suggestion from Sam Wingate whilst visiting my studio in June that led to the work being put on display at The Common, Old Bethnal Green Road in London. The Common is a very particular, unique space, and one in which I can feel the architectural attention to detail immediately. The unusual combination of cafe and architectural practices Common Ground Workshop and Collective Works in one space was immediately of interest. The cafe is both hospitality and work space. On visiting the space over the summer the contextual fit between my work and The Common was immediately apparent. Negotiating the exhibition opportunity was straightforward so I extend my thanks to director Mark Sciberras and to Sam for making the introduction.

As an artist I like to have a combination of easy wins to balance the proposal writing, funding and exhibition applications and the more difficult projects. Self generated opportunities that come from recommendations and introductions from friends still take work but the long timescales and what sometimes feel like mysterious selection committees of established galleries can be bypassed. Obviously established exhibition spaces are great, they come with existing arts audiences, support, exhibition fees (sometimes) transportation of the work but they can also be elusive. The Common has a high footfall and feedback about the work from architects at the opening was positive, they also made great suggestions that i am following up. The conversations that accompany exhibitions open the work out into new directions. And there is nothing quite like having a deadline and one which is not too far in the future to help with the final 10% of decisions that need to be made to finish work so it is ready for exhibition. Full reflection needs to be undertaken but I like seeing the work in the space, it fits well. It contributes something to the context and concept.

So if after reading the blog you feel intrigued to see the work then please do go for a visit – great coffee, food and art on offer.

Showing until 9th January 2015
Cafe open Mon-Friday 8-5pm and Sat & Sun 9.30-5pm.
Check the website for opening hours over xmas holidays!

Work from the Posture series on show is now being developed further with a new project Posture of Making a research and development project which is centered on working collaboratively with ergonomics scientist Dr Valerie Woods. Exploring the workings of the creative practitioners body when engaged in art making.

Postures of Making is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, restaurant Pied à Terre and Norfolk County Council Arts Project Fund.