Starting a ball rolling
My a-n bursary project is to look into ways of supporting performance for small audiences (one-to-one and one-to-few), how to make it more sustainable economically and energetically/emotionally. The aim is to connect up with other artists working in this area, as well as producers and programmers, to think about strategies and best practice, and hopefully create something of a network. In another strand of the project, I’ll be looking at how to place my own practice in new contexts, focusing especially on sculpture-centred venues.

Through my own networks and suggestions from programmers and producers I have contacted a number of artists who have an established practice in small-audience work. I’m aiming to bring people together in a few different locations, and the first meeting with Scotland-based artists took place last month in Glasgow, during the Take Me Somewhere festival. It was a really positive afternoon, with thoughtful reflections on current strategies, positives and negatives of different kinds of programming (e.g. with or without reservation systems, in festivals or in gallery contexts), and some fantastic blue-sky dreams of our ideal environment for this kind of work. We also started musing on whether there are other kinds of ‘quiet’ or meditative work that sit with small-audience practice and that might benefit from a new context. I came away hopeful and keen to move forward with this project – the only downside being that I lost my notebook with the meeting notes straight afterwards…


Some time after my last post, together with producer Andrew Mitchelson who’s supporting me with this project, I’m slowly working my way through a list of people to approach. We’ve thought quite carefully about which galleries and venues feel right for this kind of work, and at the moment I’m interested most in conversations that can lay the ground for future collaborations, thinking about one-to-one performance as a sculptural practice.

The good news is that out of the couple of dozen we’ve so far contacted, a few (three) have come back to say they’re interested in the conversation. In September and October I’ll be travelling for meetings with them.

Also in September and October come the second and third artists’ and producers’ gatherings, in London (at the Live Art Development Agency) and Leeds (with the support of Compass Live Art, at East Street Arts). It’ll be good to get a more intensive and focused period of work on this project (which has inevitably been a bit on and off as I try to squeeze in all the other jobs and life stuff).


I’m now working on the second part of my bursary project, which aims to introduce my own work into new contexts. One of the things that came up in the network meeting in Glasgow was that small-audience work often needs a quite different context from other kinds of performance. I’m especially interested in how my one-to-one practice can become quite sculptural – so in this part of the project I’m hoping to set up meetings with sculpture spaces and galleries to talk about how the work might sit in sculptural contexts. At this stage it’s not necessarily about getting shows (though that would be nice), more about starting a dialogue across forms and seeing where that might go.

The challenge for me is to write the first email – having read the (excellent and clear) advice in the a-n Resources section, done my research into the place, worked out who to contact, I still find it really hard to word the approach, try and make clear and succinct what I’m asking for.