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Shared Visual Experiences and Thinking Through Art is abbreviation for SVETTA Art Club for NHS staff working at Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Foundation Trust

Rushing along the project timeline keeps creative thinking at the sharp edge. Days are full of sketches, mind maps, and recordings. I found that it is a challenge to step aside and think about the artist’s response.
For the sake of order, I have started to analyze planning stages in graphical visuals. My feelings, emotions and happenings are embedded into the project and found its way to graphic representation of a creative routine. Lines and curves show the mood and the project development. It is a stage of my artist response that connected to relationship between human and nonhuman sphere.

Deconstructing processes that are important for producing an inspirational video helped me to enter a rhythmic exercise in delivering ideas. Every day of the week has the same structure connected to the process and the outcome, walking in the park, listening to birds singing, washing plates, touching plants, pealing fruits, the sound of soft pastel on paper, all small details of routine started connecting into the story. I found that access to the creative zone lies inside the process.
Starting from the planning, going through the development of ideas, and facing ‘infinitive possibilities’ in presenting educational materials for the next week’s topic. Let say, that facing the pale of hundred objects, doesn’t help in choosing 3 for presenting a process.

I have attached a few graphic artworks from the stage of thinking in planning terms.