I started my J.A.E.S. blog five years ago (2014-08-05). Apart from the first month (or so) of experimentation, J.A.E.S. has been used as an installation space for my beyond C O D E (tag) enquiry. Leading up to this fifth anniversary, I have also installed a side-effect outcome as a beyond CO D E grid (tag). The individual grid pages are published on the beyond C O D E blog. The various A-N web site components are used to present different perspectives on the same enquiry. One blog as exhibition space is now expanding to more blogs (as exhibition space). But, they remain J.A.E.S!

Just a thought. I am considering a change in coding style for the next period. I need to decide whether to do that with J.A.E.S. or start a new blog in the new style and then continue or terminate J.A.E.S. It’s a big decision and it is worthy of some serious thought. More about that next time…


Old blogs never die, on AN that is. Today, as part of looking back, as I approach completing ten years of blogging, I republished some of my early blogs. Over time, some content has been eroded. Indeed, attempts have been made to erase them. The delete RESIDUAL and diptych REMNANTS blogs have been used to experiment with online entropy.

You can find them by clicking on my name below…


Two A-N relevant anniversaries are approaching.

  1. Five years of my J.A.E.S. blog in August 2019;
  2. Ten years of A-N membership in March 2020;
  3. Ten years since my BA graduation in the autumn of 2020.

I know I said ‘Two’, but the third popped into mind as I typed. This, for me, is  how writing stuff out works. Indeed, it was a key feature of my first blog back in 2010, a feature I am certain helped me gain a first class BA result. Writing stuff out makes connections I may not otherwise be aware of. Writing stuff out helps me think around what I am doing. I still do this in my journals to this day. Anyway, I digress.

The plan is to write here about these three anniversaries.

The idea is to think about what comes next.

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