IV part 2

IV It’s gonna be cold!

A For sure, but I’ve got the appropriate equipment. Wool tops and leggings, and down jackets and goretex coats. I’ll be wearing an orange boiler suit and I’ve got an orange outer coat so I should be prepared. And I’ve a warm sleeping bag too.

IV Is that it? Just a sleeping bag. No tent or bivvi?

A I don’t think so. I’m gonna start with just a sleeping bag on top of a Thermarest on top of a roll out wooden bed thing I found…but to begin with, no under…so to speak but that could change. I might adapt and get a bivvy bag if necessary or if the council make it a condition of doing the performance.

IV A condition? So you’re open to negotiation?

A Bien sur (of course). I want to do it, so its only reasonable to be at least open. This wasn’t my first thought. Initially I wanted to portaledge on the front wall but on a more come and go, as I please basis, but the buildings manager said that wouldn’t be possible, that once the building was locked I would have to stay there from 5pm until 9am the next day…and I hadn’t been planning on doing that…I thought, as I wasn’t entering inside the building it would be ok to give me a key so I could access the balcony out of hours…in order to access the portaledge…but apparently not.

IV So you’ve already adapted?

A Yes, for sure, that’s the nature of art, of life, constant change…


IV part 1

IV What is the work?

A The work is a performance of a definition of a word…

IV And what is the word?

A Residence.

IV So you’re performing residence?

A Yes.

IV What is the definition of the word residence?

A The act or duration of dwelling in a place.

IV Where are you dwelling?

A The 1st floor balcony of The Harris.

IV The balcony? Outside?

A Yes

IV When?

A I propose to begin the residency on the winter solstice, so Wednesday 21st December and finish the residency on the spring equinox, March the 20th.