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Although I have been enjoying creating response pieces to the basalt columns, I have discovered using purely visual inspiration is not enough. My work is normally concept led so I had anticipated using the landscape and scenery would be a challenge,

Ever since we arrived in Iceland, I have had an overwhelming feeling of space from the vast endless landscape. I have been having thoughts for a while on how I could incorporate this into my work but nothing had been forthcoming.

Yesterday we went on trip to a beautiful beach not far from the Textile Centre on the north coast. While the others collected things, made artwork and photographed their work, I found myself wandering up and down the water’s edge, sitting on a rock staring out to sea and feeling a little lost.  The sea magnified these feelings of space but I was still unsure how to proceed. All night I contemplated, knowing I needed to make something that expressed a continuous feeling. I started to think about wrapping. This maybe a default reaction, a technique I have used several times before but it somehow felt appropriate.

I decided to make an incredibly long and continuous length incorporating all the colours of the landscape. I will use natural Icelandic materials from the land and sea like wool, sheep fleece, horse hair, fish leather and kelp, binding them together into 1 piece. It will then be placed in piles and draped along the ground. Taking it to the coast and photographing it on the long stretch of black sand could  also be an idea to enhance the concept. Watch this space!

Beginnings of the continuous length

Tara Kennedy