Tomorrow I will begin the first leg of a three day journey across Greater London from the west to the east boundary, following the river Thames.

This is a pilot project preceding a longer, more extensive live run event to take place in 2020 over fourteen consecutive days, following the Thames from Source to Sea. With thanks to APT Gallery and Totally Thames, who are supporting me for this one and to METAL Southend who have supported my explorations further out in the Thames Estuary.

For both projects mobile and Internet technologies will be at the heart of the work and key to the mediation of the artwork as a live event.

For the next 3 days I will be running between 11 and 3pm each day, though if I’m going well I may finish earlier.

To track my movements, go to: https://locatoweb.com/en/tracks#Vero_350 (Find Vero_350 and choose the top track from the list)

I will also be testing the limits of Facebook live here: https://m.facebook.com/veronique.chance.7

Tomorrow’s run will be from Hampton Court to London Wetlands (rather appropriate, given the weather), after which I will make my way down to APT Gallery for an in-conversation event starting at 5pm. Joining me will be Professor Vybarr Cregan Reid, author of Footnotes: how running makes us human and artists Carali McCall and Julian Sharples, who both use running in their work.

Now I must rest in the lovely little airbnb annexe I have booked for tonight on a Houseboat on Taggs Island, an absolute paradise, close to Hampton Court. Shame I arrived in the dark. At least I will see it in the morning…