On a roll this morning……usually most of the stuff I write stays in rough hand written notes on odd bits of paper.
Have to share this Art work found on 1 Design Per Day web site


think I should move to Canada

It caught my colleagues attention, and mine, not just because it looks so lovely and beautiful, but its engaging, look at the peoples faces, enchanted.

To make art work that has this positive effect on people is the aim.


Surreal workshops – or where a workshop should and shouldn’t be held, a lesson learnt.

In St Marys hospital the main women’s and maternity unit, and where the concept of the chandelier began, we were to hold a drop in session for staff over a three hour period around lunch time.

We set up in a teaching room, on the 2nd floor, maternity wards, with weird and wonderful hospital paraphernalia around us; a hospital bed, a plastic model birthing canal and lots and lots of glitzy jewels (that’s us).

We didn’t expect a fast crowd of hospital staff to rush in they are busy people……but the area was devoid of sound, people, crying babies or even footsteps……..like we had entered a different time zone… finally one man walked past…..twice, probably thinking , ‘did I really just see a jewellery factory shop?” He didn’t come in.

So lesson learnt, we should have taken a tip from the TV show ‘Location, Location, Location’. Although the drop-in session was advertised, and we know the staff were interested, we had chatted to them about it at the collection events; we were not in a main thoroughfare or on the way to anywhere, as the expression goes ‘out of sight, out of mind! But fortunately we worked, made up lots of single earrings and had a laugh making up stories of where everyone had gone.