It is head down and cracking on with a new series of work. I am using some old wood blocks that were discarded outside the studio complex I am in. These look to be offcuts and they make me think of buildings, construction, materials and surfaces.

I am interested in developing these ideas. I want to create pieces that are three dimensional; that operate as objects as well as paintings. I plan to use all sides of these blocks playing with the relationship between them.

I primed one side of each block with a mixture of plextol and different colours of pearlescent and chalky powders. The other side I did not prime so that the natural pattern of the wood shows through as well as the timber product codes. I had taken photograph of ceilings and walls, including close-ups of odd angles and surfaces. I digitally edited these, mainly creating different colour hues for each piece which I then transferred to both sides of the wood blocks.

I am painting with both watercolour and oil paint, emphasising the angles, the light, dark and textures. I am enjoying exploring the process. I am not sure where exactly these are all going but I am keen to allude to the various components of these structures and the way there is a combination of the physical and temporal events that come into play. Hard surfaces, receding slopes, warped walls meet slants of light and shadow, residual dirt and water stains, obscure marks and evidence of writing. Tension versus release; traces of a city and urban environment, its making and gradual destruction.

The pieces displayed are some of the works in progess.