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I’m exhausted. I don’t know whether it’s just a post-Christmas feeling or seeing the end of a particularly challenging year. Depleted of inspiration; I haven’t been anywhere or seen anything to spark an interest. The grey skies mirror my outlook. Various parts of my body seem to shriek in pain and I just want to hibernate under my duvet for a few months. I’m exasperated by people and the most annoying person I find at the moment is me.

I’ve decided my Derbyshire and countryside series of work is complete – certainly for the time-being anyway. It seems so far removed from where I am now that I can hardly believe I made it. I suppose it is this reality that has suggested my next area of investigation, namely the space where I currently occupy the most; my home and my studio – a no frills approach focus on their interiors and objects. I will begin with my studio.

Photographing the objects in my studio ended up with selected frames of studio type bits and pieces in all their tarnished glory. Brushes that have seen better days, plastic bags and containers galore. Finger painted surfaces, legs of chairs and easels, tatty book corners, pens, pencils, paint. Bubble wrap and bits of orange peel. Coffee mugs, coffee and teabags. Shelving and string, old paintings and dish washing liquid. Newspaper and clothing piles. Tacks and nails. Hammers, pliers scissors and measuring tools. Bottles of liquids of various contents. As I note all these things down it occurs to me at just how much has actually made its way into this relatively small interior space. Each item with its own identity and purpose. It’s strangely quite a pleasurable task listing all of these objects. I feel there is a definite potential to explore this idea further. Hurrah, a start!