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When we view things it is never a flat scene in front of us. We take for granted the layers of structures, nature and people, interweaving one behind the other, a constant change of positioning and shifting going on all around us. Layering is everywhere. The leaves on the ground, the clouds in the sky, the clothes that we wear, the surfaces of roads, walls, pretty much everything. Even if we can’t see it, we can touch it. We can also hear it. We can hear different sounds intermingling with each other, creating a kind of sound picture. We can also discriminate one sound from another from this chorus, identifying the entities. Even our thoughts are created from layers of influence, cultural coding, circumstance and history, whether they be conscious to us or not.

‘Waiting at East Putney Station’ is my response to the accumulative information I had in front of me at the time – post lock-down and venturing out cautiously onto public transport (in this case the tube). The platform was virtually empty giving me the space and time to absorb in more detail what was going on around me, both an overall view and yet being able to take in the individual components.

‘Waiting at East Putney Station’ – photography and paint on board, 20 x 20 cm, August 2020