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I have been doing something different this month; working in the hospitality sector to bring in some extra money and also to shake up the focus of my observation and experience. It came at a good time. Just before I started I was a victim of common assault as I was on my way to my studio. This altered things – the place that I looked forward to going to be creative and experimental changed to one of fear and unease. I hope with time that this will resolve itself but it has been a shaky old few weeks and of course all swaying on the uncertainty and stress of these Covid times.

The making of art currently seems a long way away, but it does not concern me. I know that as soon as I am ensconced again within my studio, the ideas will start flowing, fuelled by the last month’s going-ons. There are things I know I want to play with. These are mainly to do with process and materials; experimenting with different papers, collage and print transfer. An art friend and I are also going to be putting together a proposal for an exhibition so at some point we will be sitting down, gathering our thoughts and trying to put down in writing our research interests and ideas.

It is important to me that I carry on with my creative art writing. It is hard to know how to continue with this, so I will occasionally use this blog as a space to experiment and share. It won’t always be about my visual art practice.

Once thing I do feel (which I suspect is the same for many people) is a certain level of exhaustion where I don’t want to think about anything, question anything, reveal anything. I just want to be and to hover over the facts and statistics and continual murmurings of stress and outcomes.