I feel in a very familiar stage of existence in terms of my studio practice. The place in between work that has been  formed already, work still as an idea and some remaining results form experiments. All is data in contained of photographs, notes, drawings… and now? This is the time where I decide what to do with it and frankly, I am not certain yet.

Something I would like to talk about is the more intensive drawing I overtook for the past week, considering it used to be nearly none. Big variety of materials has always been sitting in my messy art corner and I am very glad the time has come. Crayons, chalk, pens, pencils are all in use now.

Fear used to be part of my associations to drawing but I am happy to say that I am drawing and finally see the value of it. It stimulates me, boosts my visualization and helps me stayed focused.

Scanning my drawings directly to my one drive has also unlocked the use of photoshop for small touches that I used to avoid at all means. Again, because of the same assumptions I had for drawing. That it is only for somebody who has skills, somebody who uses it/does it all the time and not like me who feels like is wasting the source’s capacity.

Seeing the progress and overcoming these  issues I have been having for a long time is very freeing and prove for me that no matter how difficult and impossible it seems, I am capable and will keep pushing further.



I have chosen to work at the front garden of the house I stayed at during the summer of 2021.

After a good hour spend sat down, observing and sketching I captured the process in time-lapse. Both have not been been part of my method so far, I found them successful. Starting the analysis before installing and spectating a video of the act gave me a new perspective of my creative process.

Time lapse videos links >

video 1

video 2

’61 High Street’ is an exploration of temporality through contrast taking place in an outdoor space where man made fence, garden furniture, a willow tree and bushes exist. What I found that excites me more is working on the edge of destruction (with a Table that can be moved, branch that can be cut) oppose to the less likelihood and stability of the fence and the tree.

I still need to work on producing better quality documentation images based on before and after. At the time I did not take into account the difficult angles required to document the work. Considering that, the images attached here are as good as it was possible. Better selection of the site is needed as well as more conscious decisions after testing ideas on paper, selecting and forming aims for installment.

I see progress and am planning to explore and include printed photographs to my installations.