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Drawing is having a visual impact as well as being a tool in conversation. It can be a way to interact and communicate in a personal language that makes perfect sense to its author.

This workshop emphasized on the many possible ways to express one’s thoughts. I do so equally through a combination of written English language and representations. Verbal expression is my element which drawing supports by illustrating, weather there is a interlocutor or not. I noticed I proceed drawing in colour rather than monochrome. It was important to become more aware of my abilities and preferences to rely on them more consciously.

I made a quick 3d paper and masking tape model as another way to present my idea in detail. The paper and tape human figure is an important contribution to the models that provides my viewing suggestions.

Conversations overt it led to > Plans

  •  ready- made cardboard boxes or alternative packaging model materials
  • installation of models
  •  mirrors implied
  •  commercial string coloured by me
  • play in Photoshop

I feel that creating models will give me more freedom to experiment with scale, colour and contents as opposed to installing in full scale. Looking at my old method of picking a space first and developing an installation has now become extremely limiting. Experiments with models could get me through many more ideas by lifting my imagination skills and knowledge to a higher level.