The highs and the even highers of running an independent art and culture paper!


Final call for iPhone arts magazine submissions

The latest issue has been delayed as we have struggled with publishing on the apple app store for iphones. That is sorted now though, so we are looking for work for the next issue, which will be published as a newspaper and as an iPhone app. If you are an artist or writer and are interested in being a part of this project please submit reviews, art, cartoons, articles, poetry, short fiction. We are interested in anything cultural. More submission details are available at



How to see comments?

Had an email of a comment. I wanted to add a thank you to the writer – But where is it???

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iphone app alert! The Flaneur art and culture zine is now available as an iphone app.

It had to happen. It took ages. But here it is at last. The first art and culture iphone app from The Flaneur.

This was tricky to do! If you value your sanity I recommend not attempting it. Still, it takes art and culture into the mobile arena, amongst all the games and that must be a good thing. We want to get art out into the areas where people are not necessarily expecting it, and the iphone is a good, contemporary example of this.

We will be producing the next edition soon, so if you want to submit work please visit

If you want to have a look at the app :



Just packed up a stack of issues of The Flaneur to mail to overseas readers. The postage is eye-watering. You would think a boffin would invent some sort of computerised system that would let you send information in a tap of the toe to the other side of the world. For free.

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Here we go! The exciting life of an indie art paper publisher.

So far I have discovered:

To run an independent art journal you need the following:

Deep pockets

Sense of humour

A computer that works a bit better than mine does

Friendly people in the queue behind you at the post office.

Still, it is worth it when you see the finished journal!

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