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This week I’ve been leaving a bit of time to reflect on the experiments with materials I started last week and have re-focused on drawing while I let things develop. One of my aims for this year is to move on with the sort of room sized drawing installations started last year during the DC1 residency. I’ve been applying for residencies which might offer the opportunity to occupy larger spaces where I can expand the work (my studio space is very limited). But the whole process of applying for opportunities is so competitive, so unpredictable and so often unsuccessful, I decided it was time to make a positive to move towards making┬ásome space.┬áSo I’ve cleared a space in the house, taken down a shelf, moved a bit of furniture (temporarily), and started drawing on the wall.

Since my conversation with Dr Alexandra Penn last year (, I’ve become interested in the complex systems – man-made and natural, which we are all caught up in, and which govern everything about the planet and about modern civilisation. I’m thinking about how I can explore these ideas through drawing and installation and my sketch book is full of little drawings like this: