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As I mentioned previously I visited Miami last year to undertake research into seaside moderne architecture on Miami Beach built during the 1930s. There are several hundred buildings constructed in this style between the early 1930s and 1940s within Miami Beach, and when I visited the last time I very much only scratched the surface.

This time I spent a lot of time revisiting particular buildings of interest and focusing on a few examples in greater detail.

I spent a lot of time looking at residential properties in South Miami Beach built in this style. The facades mimic the architecture on the front of ships – symmetrical fronts, with a central mast and decorative detail, pulled from a variety of cultural and historical influences. As ever the buildings were painted a wide variety of different colours, which was instigated during the revival of Miami Beach during the 1980s by Miami Design Preservation League.

I spent a long time revisiting interiors of specific buildings such as hotels and the Miami Beach Post Office, which an incredible building comprised of a rotunda building which includes a ceiling mural and very elegant golden post boxes. It is one of the coolest (in temperature) and most elegant public buildings I have been in. With regards to the hotel interiors, I focused on looking at the way the building had been furnished mainly with decorative wall panels and plaster reliefs. On this visit, I spent a lot of time drawing and photographing details.

Last year on my visit Art Deco Museum, which is run by the Miami Design Preservation League, I saw their permanent collection as well as undertaking a few historical tours. On my visit this year, I revisited the museum, which now had a few exhibitions on by artists responding to Miami Beach. I also met with their Director Daniel Ciraldo, and it was great to talk about their current organisation, aims and the possibilities of collaborating in the future.