It’s been long time since we blogged here! So much has happened since we opened back in 2014, including two rounds of Arts Council England awards, to bring the Museum to life.

Since beginning this project I’ve been on a bit of a journey and discovered my identity as an invisibly disabled person, and this has influenced the process of transferring the contents of this virtual space to ‘realtime’.

You can catch up with all these goings on at a shiny new online space 

For today I want to share what’s happening in my cabinet!

Museum for Object Research work these days includes a signifiant proportion of project management, mentoring and consultancy. I sit at my desk a lot. In order to keep the creative side of my work for the #NUNO project going I installed a cabinet next to my desk. A happy accident (prompted by finding a cabinet I couldn’t leave behind at my local charity shop!) which turns out to have been a masterplan.

The idea is that I can swap easily between desk and cabinet. The reality is that I can. I couldn’t have conceived of this arrangement in a million years, and yet it is perfect in resolving what could have become a real schism in my practice.

Layers upon layers of allusions are piling into my cabinet, and I document in my own manner. It’s pushing me toward a new interest in photography and I’m moving away from my iPhone for this element of the work.

I’m also busy gathering objects to include in this piece – I appreciate each one, and the slow build as they find their place on the glass shelves.  I have built access into my work for this project I now realise – there are no barriers to progressing with it – I have self-designed my own access unconsciously, but wonder if this is how we should view all practice. We are all designing our lives around our neurological profiles (those of us who have the agency to do so at least).

Have also returned to the roots of my idea for the museum as personal construct. My cabinet of curiosities is precisely that.


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