My project for this year is revolving around the issues surrounding¬†gender equality, focusing on Emma Watson’s UN speech on the subject. By issues, I mean the fact that women and men are expected to have completely different personas because society says so. Women get ridiculed if they become muscular or strong. Men get ridiculed if they show emotion or their sensitivity.

I’ve been busy in the print room, printing a couple of quotes from Watson’s speech onto fabric, which is something I have not tried before. I printed these two quotes;

“Gender is a spectrum, not opposing ideals.”

“Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive and strong.”

I printed these onto plain and floral fabrics – the floral pattern being a main component in a lot of feminist, textile based, artwork. But why? Why is the floral pattern so stereotypically feminine? Has embroidery and sewing always been a ‘woman’s job’?
These are a couple of questions that I wish to explore throughout this project.

I’m hoping to join these prints to some other components (which are still yet to be made) to create a wall hanging, not too dissimilar to those by Tracey Emin.

Tracey Emin uses different patterned and textured fabric ; floral cotton, bold coloured felt. I love the combination of so many different elements. I’m hoping to achieve a similar effect by adding paint, fabric and embroidery string together.

Additionally, here is a link to Emma Watson’s UN Speech on Gender Equality ;¬†