Glad to say our drawing masterclass with Mr Nimki was fully booked and more. Hopefully, photos to follow? This is an interesting link in relation to aspects of his work, sent to meby artist Nicola Naismith (Satellite) of a body of work by Joan Hills on overlooked, ‘invisible’ and wild /weed plantings.

“Meticulously selected at random, without the slightest consideration for beauty, utility, edibility, scent, or horticultural interest, we are now able to offer from various random sites and from the Sensual Laboratory’s random nurseries in the Hebrides, London, Norfolk and Sussex.”


Dominique Rey


This is our next event at the space. The demand for these more in-depth sort of classes seems to have been demonstrated by the fact that it is almost fully booked. Good news.


Saturday 21st January 2012

2.00 – 4.30pm

We are delighted to offer a practical masterclass for artists by Jacques Nimki.

The class will challenge the artist’s familiarity with the physical world – the unseen, the overlooked – and refresh participants’ notions of the purpose and role of drawing within their artistic practice.

Through a series of observational drawing exercises and discussion-based activities, artists will have the opportunity to experiment, reflect upon and reassess their particular approach to drawing. Participants should bring along one example of their drawing, a sketch pad and drawing tools.

Cost: £10.00

To book a place please email [email protected]. Places are limited to 12.

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Discussing our arts programme for the next few months, sitting on the long bench outside in the January sun and watching sheep. A good setting to begin thrashing out a realistic wish-list of who to invite to give a talk in the coming months. The idea of a selected, curated show reared its head again, along with questions about format, content, theme, size and whether or not to coincide with the Norfolk and Norwich Festival in May. Individually, we have mixed experiences about the effectiveness of this approach, so further discussion required. If we curate a show we really should improve the lights, but we have no dosh. One suggestion would be to use daylight tubes instead of the fluorescent ones.

We’ve arranged a meeting next week with our February speaker, Curator Caroline Fisher, to think about the direction and format for the talk. A good start to 2012 I think.

Dominique Rey


We were pleased to have Jacques Nimki give the second talk in the space. We had a good turn-out on a cold night and the technical stuff all worked. Good to hear Jacque’s experiences of working with fabrica, Brighton, having shown there myself many years ago.

Good comments from our evaluation forms, finding the talk useful, fascinating,interesting and informative, also good to hear the artist’s particular experiences. So we are chuffed that he will be running a masterclass (on colour I believe) in January.

More information about Jacques is at:


The feedback about our Project Space itself is also useful. Number one improvement is definitely some funds to buy more external lighting – the countryside can get very dark and muddy. We were delighted to hear praise for our reclaimed pink, spongy seats though.

Dominique Rey


The Project Space Library bursts into life!

Isabel Vasseur had brought along some publications connected to a handful of projects she has organised, but ran out of time before the audience could browse. Kindly, Isabel donated several of the books to the brand new, about to exist Queen of Hungary Project Space resource library. The idea is that we build up a literary resource connected with and referring to all our guest speakers, whether it be exhibition catalogues or simply texts that currently inspre them. Anyone using the Project Space can then browse in a quiet moment or when in need of inspiration themselves.