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In Process Residency – Day Three

Stephanie Douet, The Queen of Hungary Project Space, came into the room today to leave her preferences imprinted on the arrangement. She lauched into shifting and adding and subtracting works, moving the emphasis away from bunkers and WW2 towards the Iranian influences. The House-Bunker stayed of course – concrete too heavy for me to contemplate ever moving it again, ever, but was added to. The posters also remained in poition, but other than that it was all change.

The addition of the projected video today lifted the room somewhat, although I coudn’t get the thing to loop this time.

A very tiring day with lots of lifting heavy things, but also much thinking, which can also be tiring.

Here are some images of the shifting space taken throughout today. Tomorrow there is another change and then some guests arrive – but which incarnation should they see that’s the question.

Dominique Rey