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In Process Residency – Day Four

Ended today with the feeling that I am just getting started.

Polly Cruse from Satellite Artists spent the most part of today arranging work in the space in a new way and with a particular scultpural aesthetic. More moving things around. Polly was keen to play with the layers of viewing through glass and patterning with interesting results. i think it is hard coming into a space that has already been curated (three times in three days), but after some initial hesitancy Polly was able to launch into shaping things more to her own interest, but through dialogue with me.

The space was open to visitors later in the day, so this was the only stage in the transformation that has been seen in public. There was some interesting discussopn about the curatorial and artistic process.

Tomorrow morning I hope to have more time in the installation to reflect on the work and process of working. Maybe do some ink drawings, before I start shifting things around again.

Here are just a few of the images from todays changes.

Dominique Rey