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I stuck up the letters that I cut out yesterday for the phrase ‘Not to Harbour Swallows in our Houses.’ The result is quite visually busy – the texture on the letters is a manipulated image of some dead birds, although I don’t think you can tell this. I can’t decide if I like the busy-ness, and how it makes it take longer for the message to be read, or if this is distracting.

The letters are just cut out in cardboard and annoyingly kept falling off as double sided sticky tape and newly painted paint don’t bond well. So I resorted to using panel pins to help fix them too as I can’t bear the idea of going back tomorrow and them all being on the floor. So it will be an arse to uninstall, but I will worry about that on Thursday. I guess if I was going to show the work in an exhibition I would probably get cut vinyl lettering.

I spent quite a long time playing around with projecting images. It’s never dawned on me before how useful a projector can be for testing out works – location, scale etc – before actually installing them. I experimented with projecting various bits of film footage and text-animation that I have collected/created to see how this sits with the prints. I will work a bit more on editing time based stuff tomorrow. I have a TV, a projector, my laptop and a digital photo frame which I could use to show moving image. But I am not sure if I will make more of a show-reel of several short video/animations to be projected in sequence, or if I will locate them around the space , showing in different formats.

Amelia Crouch