This work consists of three elements all looking at different aspects of the self including the featured image above; A woman in the role of the domestic house wife, repressed in her marriage, and after separating a sense of fallen, broken by the burden that comes with being a single mother in today’s society.

Louise Bourgeois tackled these issues through her art practice when she was in her late 30’s, not long after settling in New York, at a time when she was a wife and mother. In her works titled Femme Maison and Fallen Women the woman is¬†incarcerated within the house; and latterly lying on the ground, helpless. See image captions for more details… In Bourgeois’ youth the term ‘Fallen woman’ had a double meaning: Literally – a women who had fallen over. Metaphorically – a woman who had disgraced herself by having sex out of wedlock, an affair, or becoming divorced was shunned by society, and such women were labelled as ‘fallen from grace’. Unlike today, to be sexual active as a woman, and divorced is completely acceptable.