The work looks at the imbalance of gender equality of young men and women. Personally growing up in the 70′s and 80′s promiscuity of young women was frowned upon, unlike young men who’s promiscuity was widely accepted. The work is a single bed headboard make from Oak, typical of student life in the early 80′s. The initials of all my lovers are carved into the oak in the same way as young lovers carved theirs into tree trunks and lintel stones of bridges. A form of graffiti common in the 20th century that connects ones identity with the item carved upon and the place where the item is located, such writings and art forms have an interesting social story to tell of the local people. This piece is a work in progress, therefore always current.

Continuing with this work I took rubbings from the headboard and created a large drawing depicting my sexual activity through the form of ‘A Tree Of Life’ from the point of becoming sexually active to the time when this work was created in January 2015. A bitter example of life for a single mother trapped within her own life.

Tracy Emin tent was a confessional piece of work that had the names of all the people she had ever slept with, including those she did not have sex with ie family, friends, as well as lovers. A brilliant use of an everyday object to deliver such a strong piece of work.


Blood, is the life force that flows through us, blood is what creates us, loss of blood is what kills us.

I looked at the menstrual cycle and the ‘curse’ as it is known that women have to endure throughout their childbearing years. It starts too young for girls, having to deal with this messy interruption of innocent youth, yet later if we miss it we panic and fear the worst, and later when its gone we feel a loss, and we have no more eggs, the life force, the power to create life. Along with all of this comes the intense hormonal ups and downs of being a woman affected by our hormones, whether young, middle aged and even after the blood has gone, old. I created two pieces of work, one that emphasises bleeding, and another that says let your emotions flow where I used multi-coloured tampons to conveys the different emotion we feel: Happy, sad, depressed, indifferent, high, low, angry, all converging as EMOTIONAL. The third work shown here encapsulates all of what our bleeding is about in those child bearing years.

Judy Chicago’s work Red Flag threw menstration on to the table for all to witness, and so the fact that we bleed every month, and should be allowed to convey feeling about it could no longer could be denied.

Tracy Emin too produced a lot of work on this subject and her loss through miscarriage.

Blood on Our Hands
This installation was created as part of the 10/10 project at UCS last March, 2015. The brief – to create an installation in the white space that relates to the number 10, to create and complete in one week. I choose a humanitarian issue based around the Ten Commandments focusing on commandment 6 – Thou Shalt Not Kill. To illustrate this contradiction of the bible, and the irony of this commandment I created a sea of blood as a memorial to the trillions of lives lost through wars, genocides and mass murder at the hands of evil people. Ironically these deaths are results of commands from heads of governments, dictatorships, and terrorist sects/factions. This installation makes a mockery of the Ten Commandments that good people should live by. “How can people take these oaths seriously when the leaders of our messed up world set such a bad example?”