Things are moving really fast. As well as talking through the ideas around the piece with Gemma, I have also spent 2 sessions with another artist working alongside me. We have experimented with different approaches to the work, and I am now clearer about the work’s focus. I can see it is drawing attention to the superficiality of the differences between life in neolithic times (when the barrows were constructed) and now.

So whilst it is still centred around life’s journey from beginning to end (see picture in first blog entry for a still from an earlier run through) I am paying more attention to how to get across that idea of superficial differences:

Image: Jeff Scharp on Kelticos


We started the day with a visit to the site. We talked about what a significant space it felt with the trees all round it. It is the first time Gemma had seen it so it was useful to get the fresh response. Because I’ve been working on this piece for over a year, I’ve forgotten the initial impact of the location.

Now it just looks like a piece of heathland, but in a few weeks it will look more like the trench in my last post, although they are all different, depending on what is found when the dig is underway.
This will be the seventh barrow to be excavated. I am getting familiar with the process and more confidant about when I can push to gain access to the trench.


I will spend the day tomorrow with my dramaturg, Gemma Williams. It’s the first time to show her the site where my piece will be performed in May, and the archaeology has not started yet, so all she can see is the surface of the ground. Fortunately she has seen pictures and film footage of earlier digs, such as the one below:

I hope it’s not too cold and muddy, otherwise rehearsing engenders a lot of washing!

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In response to the publicity I sent out about my award, I have been invited to submit a paper to the Southampton Solent Research & Innovation Conference. They are interested in practice related research and would like me to talk about my work with regard to this aspect of it.

This feels like a definite win.

Thank you again, a-n!

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