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Now the focus has been on more research, assembling props and refining performance details.

Research came from lots of different sources: George Anelay, the Director of Archaeology, Stuart Needham, the Subject Specialist for the period, Kathrin Pieren, Petersfield Museum Curator, David Hopkins, the Hampshire county archaeologist, Sabine Stevenson, a postgrad looking at contextual aspects of heritage and archaeology, Rosalind Norrell Learning and Community Engagement officer at Petersfield Museum, Maureen Page Director of Butser Ancient Farm (set up to develop experimental archaeology).  All have been extremely generous with their time and have contributed hugely to my understanding of the sphere in which I am working.

Props have been assembled from diverse sources: loans from the museum, gift from a family member, charity shops, my wardrobe, online etc etc

And finally it all came together for the Open Rehearsal on site.  We performed on an unexcavated barrow because, right at the 11th hour of the dig, a bronze age burial urn was discovered in the trench which was going to take a lot longer to get out.

We had good weather and an enthusiastic audience who seemed very absorbed in our piece.