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Evenin’ all!

It’s been a busy week.

The research project is going ok, except I’m now having to scrat around for childhood stories from people… so if you have any, let me know!
I have to present it to my peers and tutor in a couple of weeks. This, while daunting, is actually quite a useful process, as to present it ensures a coherence, a narrative rhythm of sorts, and tries out the functionality and performativity of the quilt… (apologies for the arty bollocks)

The embroidered liberty bodice is getting more intense… gaps between the embroidered text are being filled with flowers… I’m thinking of filling every little gap, restraint has never been my watchword!

I’ve been having ideas about song no 2, it has 2 titles at the moment, and I’m not sure either is right… but there are lots of bits of it whizzing around in my head. I’m hoping Dan will be able to sort it all out and find some sort of underlying structure… he’s good at that bit.

Also, starting to think about my selection of work for January practice assessment, at the moment, thinking about showing the baby clothes, hung up somehow, and the lullaby, but as a separate item. Don’t think the bodice will be finished by then.

Got lots to do. The pressure is on, but I feel in control at the moment. And happy about it all.

Coming up to Christmas in school, and I’m painting a mural of a pretend Bethlehem. Had a lovely morning, iPod, quiet, child-free art room, paint. Bit of a dance, out-of-tune headphone singing. Spotted through the window throwin some shapes. hahaha!