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I think my feet have now reached the ground, have got myself organised at least… lists have been written, jobs allocated, new dishwasher arriving by skin of teeth on 23rd!

Let the festivities commence!

I found myself in a state of unparalleled joy yesterday, in, of all places, Marks and Spencers!

For almost a year I’ve been thinking about musical boxes, and how to include some of that evocative sound in one of my recordings, but nothing quite fits… well… I’ve just had an idea about my final MA show and it’s very much about my mum … unexpectedly it has become quite personal…. I’m rambling I know.

Anyway, among the ridiculous “stocking fillers” for £10 and upwards sat one, lonely little cardboard wind-up musical box. My sweaty little mit grabbed it instantly from under the descending hand of another shopper. I was happy to have one of my own to play with, to record, and transform the sound. The joyousness of it is that it plays “Edelweiss” which was kind of my mum’s “Default setting” tune. For the vastly over-priced £5 for such a piece of tat, I now have the beginnings of something like a soundtrack. I’d have paid £50.